COVID-19 in Bolivia: New Graveyards and Overwhelmed Hospitals

Please keep Bolivia in your prayers. From firsthand accounts, the COVID-19 outbreak in Bolivia is worse than what is reflected by the official numbers.

In some places, the entire neighborhood has COVID-19 symptoms.

There are not enough tests in the cities to test everyone. People are at home fending for themselves because the hospitals don’t have availability to treat them. The private hospitals are overwhelmed. Medical professionals are getting sick. Many people are dying in their homes and in the streets.

One of our staff members lives 4 blocks away from a new graveyard they created for COVID-19 deaths. He said it was like a parade every day, because so many people are there burying the dead.

Tragically, it is not the only new graveyard being dug in Bolivia. Mass graveyards are being built around the country. 

We have a shipment of pharmaceuticals that just arrived in Bolivia, and our staff is very thankful. The need is great, and medicine is hard to get right now. We had previously sent a shipment of medicines, and any remaining ones were sent with doctors to a region where the COVID-19 outbreak is very bad.

People are also recovering from the virus, thankfully, and they are looking online and to one another for home remedies to help them through the virus.

Please be praying for the COVID-19 outbreak in Bolivia to stop, and pray that sick people’s health would be restored.

Our staff in Bolivia know many people with the virus, including some of their own extended family members. Please pray God’s protective and healing mercies to be upon our staff and their loved ones.

Please help support the local church in Bolivia during this time. Give support to Bolivian leaders.

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Bright Hope Staff
Bright Hope Staff